DAY EIGHT: Bianca Sprague & Alana Nugent 

Co-Founder & CEO and Marketing Director of bebo mia

Bianca Sprague & Alana Nugent 

bebo mia is an online training organization that offers education & business mentorship to women* around the world who want to work with individuals/families during their fertility, pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum experience. Through our comprehensive & immersive trainings we connect women* to their intrinsic value and power so that they can help change the way we all experience pregnancy, birth & the postpartum period. Our students are provided with the opportunity to gain financial independence.


Bianca Sprague is the co-founder & CEO of bebo mia Inc. She is a badass queer entrepreneur and mom to Graydon. She is an advocate for mental wellness for the entire family, and especially for the birthing parent, after suffering from PPD in silence and losing her father to suicide in 2012.


Alana Nugent is the Marketing Director of bebo mia Inc. She co-parents her 11 year old daughter, Gray, with her spouse (and bebo mia’s CEO) Bianca Sprague. Alana has a degree in Physical Education & Health and a post-grad in Marketing.


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